Spiders Support Recovery

Meeting and Event Information

SSR Meetings are open to anyone in the UR Community wishing to learn more about addiction and Recovery or seeking to find out more about making changes around substance use or  addictive behaviors. Our space is non-judgmental and we respect each individual’s privacy and right to determine his/her own pathway in Recovery. Meetings are held in-person at the SSR Space in Sarah Brunet Hall Suite 138, over Zoom, or as a hybrid combination of both. Current Meetings and details are posted on the SSR Outlook Calendar.

12 Step Meetings – The 12 Steps were created by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous to establish guidelines for the best way to overcome an addiction to alcohol. AA’s profound success led numerous groups (Narcotics Anonymous, Marijuana Anonymous, Al-anon, Families Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous…) to adapt/apply the 12 steps to allow individuals struggling with other issues to access Recovery. Although the 12 Steps are based on spiritual principles, they are not affiliated with any denomination and individual members are free to define their own concept of a “higher power.” Working the 12 Steps can facilitate a change in one’s overall mindset and outlook and break free from the hold of addiction and need for substance use for the long term. See the SSR Outlook Calendar for current 12 Step meetings. 

SMART Recovery - Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) is a support program that teaches people how to control addictive behavior by focusing on underlying thoughts and feelings. Participants in SMART learn skills to manage their cravings and urges for the long term. SMART tools can be applied to any behavioral or substance challenge and are accepting of a moderation or harm reduction approach as well as complete abstinence. See the SSR Outlook Calendar for SMART Recovery meetings, or attend one online https://www.smartrecovery.org/

 All Recovery - “All Recovery” meetings welcome anyone who struggles with addiction, is affected by addiction, or seeks and supports a recovery lifestyle. Participation in an All Recovery meeting allows individuals to discuss, connect and focus upon universal solutions to making their lives better, regardless of specific behavioral or addiction-related concerns. See the SSR Outlook Calendar for All Recovery meetings, or attend one online at https://www.unity.org/

Seeking Safety – Seeking Safety groups help participants develop healthy coping skills to use so as not to become overwhelmed emotionally. It is an evidence-based model that has proven success in helping individuals who are stuck in a cycle of trauma and addiction. UR’s Seeking Safety meetings are open to anyone and introduce one coping skill each session to add to an overall recovery or wellbeing tool kit. See the SSR Outlook Calendar for current Seeking Safety Meetings.

Recovery Ally Training – Spiders Support Recovery seeks to ensure UR students do not have to choose between their recovery and an education at UR. Faculty, Staff and Other Students can help.‌ This 3 hour training helps to reveal the science behind addiction and recovery – with specific attention to the College-Aged and UR population. Learn how to be an advocate and ally for people in recovery and those who struggle with substance use disorders. Register for an upcoming Recovery Ally Training here.

Recovery Scholars Seminar – Through participation in the Collegiate Recovery Expansion Grant UR students in Recovery are able to take part in a Recovery Scholars Program. Weekly Seminar-style meetings are conducted in partnership with VCU, UVA, and Longwood and can include students from across the state of Virginia. Led by Recovery Specialists, these semester-long Seminars address a variety of topics designed to inform, build, and strengthen recovery. View upcoming Seminar options and apply to enroll in an upcoming Recovery Scholars Seminar here.

Book Groups– Spiders Support Recovery holds periodic, topical book groups for individuals and small groups within the UR Community. Examples include:  Atomic Habits (by James Cleary), It Takes a Family (Debra Jay), The Listening Path (Julia Cameron), and Living the Hero’s Journey (Will Craig). Register for an upcoming Book Group here. 

Recovery Coaching – A Peer Recovery Specialist (PRS) is someone who has lived experience and is in recovery from addiction or a substance use disorder. The Recovery Specialist is not a counselor, but creates a private, safe, nonjudgmental space where it is possible to discuss alcohol and substance use in order to learn more about addiction, investigate available resources, and determine what a path in Recovery can look like. A PRS respects no two people are the same, patterns and reasons for substance use vary, and each individual’s decisions must be their own for them to be successful. There is no cost for Recovery Coaching. Schedule a meeting to discuss Recovery Coaching here.