Spiders Support Recovery

A Collegiate Recovery Program at the University of Richmond

For folks on campus who identify as being in recovery, or are curious about what that means, Spiders Support Recovery (SSR) is a close-knit community of students and staff spanning the spectrum of curiosity to abstinence from alcohol, substance use disorder, disordered eating, trauma and other non-constructive behaviors.

Our goal is to foster an environment amenable to myriad recovery paths including harm reduction, 12-Step, yoga and meditation and cognitive- and behavioral-science-based approaches. We strive to decrease stigma and increase awareness to cultivate the most meaningful and fulfilling collegiate experience through education, events and strong relationships, including with our friends and peers in recovery in and outside of Richmond.

In addition to weekly meetings on-campus, we go on weekend outings, trips and retreats with other students in recovery across Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic. One student said, “Collegiate recovery programming has shown me I don’t need to compromise my recovery for an education; I can stick to my values and find ways to care for myself and build resilience, even on a college campus.”


Appointments & Coaching

Students and prospective students are encouraged to meet with Recovery Support Specialist. Group or individual Naloxone (opioid overdose antagonist) trainings and distribution available by appointment. To schedule, email sarah.king3@richmond.edu

To learn more or get in touch with Spider Support Recovery: contact us below.